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About Us


The history of Swami Consulting Group, Inc. and its dynamic founder Girish M. Swami

Our Mission

Swami Consulting Group, Inc. has over 20 years of Accounting and Tax Preparation experience. Swami Consulting Group, Inc. provides services to Corporations in all 50 states.

Company Story

Swami Consulting Group, Inc. was established in the mid 80’s by Girish M. Swami, CPA. To this practice, Mr. Swami brought his extensive corporate and taxation experience. The positions he held included: Internal Auditor with Central Bank of India in Bombay; Senior Accountant with Jordon & Briggs Associates; Chief Financial Officer/Controller for Tamrock, Inc. As with all small businesses, Mr. Swami created Swami Consulting Group, Inc. out of his home. He believed in providing exceptionally high quality service. His strong belief in ethics and honesty have helped create Swami Consulting Group, Inc. to the success it is today. No person or company was too small to get his individual and undivided attention. This was his special way of meeting his clients needs. Today, we continue this tradition. Swami Consulting Group, Inc. can now boast 67 monthly write-up clients and a tax client base of over 500. 
To the sorrow of all who knew him…clients, friends, colleagues, and family, Mr. Swami passed away in November 2001. He has left behind in our company a tradition of commitment to provide excellent service that is honest and ethically sound. The legacy Mr. Swami has created lives on every day among the staff here at Swami Consulting Group, Inc. 

Rachana Parrish learned accounting, honesty, and integrity using her father as her role model and mentor. She graduated from Eastern Illinois University in December 1997 with a Bachelor of Science in Business with a concentration in Accounting. 
From an early age, Rachana was determined to follow in her father’s footsteps. Like her father, she worked in the corporate arena to acquire her knowledge. Her professional background includes: Corporate Staff Accountant, McDonald’s Corporation, Financial Analyst, Accenture (formerly Andersen Consulting) and her present position as Vice-President, Swami Consulting Group, Inc. 
Her responsibilities at McDonald’s Corporation included accounting work for 24 corporate owned stores in Illinois and Indiana. At Accenture, Rachana was responsible for providing management with monthly financial statements for and creating and tracking the Capital budget for the Office of the CIO business unit. Her responsibilities at Swami Consulting Group, Inc. are vast. They include all the items identified in this presentation.


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